The ultimate punch from the Conti bags of the old 750 SS is still well remembered by many. In 1974, it was the dream of many sports riders and the terror of the four-cylinder Honda and Kawasaki bikes. Ducati dared to give its latest offspring this legendary type designation again. Expectations were high as to whether the bike would behave as supersportily as the abbreviation promises.
When you take a seat, you immediately notice that the footrests and handlebar levers are perfectly in hand. Gathered together and not bent too far forward, the rider sits loosely and comfortably.

The super-handy chassis virtually challenges the rider - it literally craves endless corner combinations. That's where the Italian bike makes the most of its weight advantage of only 191 kilograms, fully fuelled. Even much stronger super-sport bikes have a hard time following the Ducati line because they are heavier. Effortlessly and seemingly without effort, the rider angles the machine to the limit of its grip without any part touching down. Good handling and high targeting accuracy coupled with low set-up torque when braking at lean angles: that's what we want.

The open-bottomed tubular frame made of expensive chrome molybdenum steel is beyond reproach. It is never pushed to its limits by the measured 71 hp. Incidentally, anyone who thinks that this power is not enough for true sporting pleasure, or who even suspects underpowering, is wrong. The high-torque engine and the handy chassis make a powerful mixture and put the fear of God into many a four-cylinder cracker on the country road. So well equipped, the Ducati rider weaves through fast and slow cornering mazes that he almost feels like he's on a racing machine.

The house of Ducati is once again cultivating traditions, and so the new SS has a real Ducati feeling. What also makes the red racer from Bologna likeable is the overall good quality of workmanship. 71 hp peak power and more than 60 Newton metres in the range between 3000 and 8000 rpm give the 750 SS good performance. Good acceleration and pull-through values thanks to a successful gearbox graduation. (Test report PS 7/1991)

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